Monday, January 12, 2015


I hate nights like this which I'm having some deep thoughts and 
the pressure to force myself to sleep because I'm having class the next day,
but instead of sleeping I'm here writing some crappy post that I will instantly regret it in the morning
because I won't understand why I would write something like this either.

I used to think treating people the way you would like people treating you back things would be fine,
I used to think things are meant to be understand no matter how complicated they are, 
and I used to think there is only right and wrong.
But I am so wrong,
because sometimes people are so fucked up and you won't understand why,
because sometimes right might be wrong, and wrong might be right,
and sometimes somethings are not meant to be understand.

And things get fucked up.

Ok, too emotional for me to handle GN.