Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beauty of Italia

Milan, Florence, Roam, Lugano-Switzerland is just beautiful and breath taking.

Out of all the states/cities I've visited, Rome is my favourite. Rome is known as the 'Eternal City'. Its old and full of history and everything there is in a slow pace (mom said is suitable for me to live there) I am not sure what attracts me to visit Rome again but I would love to go again without following a tour, it's such a waste that this visit is on tour.

Fashion, Arts and History , it's all what I love and all come together in one place, I am so glad Italy is the first Europe country I visit. I've always been just travelling in Asia country for the previous years and although this is my first Europe country I know this isn't the last.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Never Knew

I'm doubting myself a lot nowadays.
Since graduate I feel like I have lost confidence, control and directions in life, slowly but surely.
I'm doubting my abilities, skills and the path I'm currently taking.

The thoughts that have never crossed my mind now starting to stay.

I know I am not someone that likes to dwell in misery and depression thoughts, in fact I hated it .
I hated how it affect my emotions, mood and the energy around me and making me doubting myself easily.

I understand perfectly this is not the end of the world or any world crisis and there is so much more difficulties to come in this life and that scares me. The uncertainties in life is scaring me.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The end

This officially marks the end of my college life in Lasalle. 
I'm still in the midst of  job hunting and rotting away at home like a useless piece of shit. 
Kinda lost in life. 
I miss taking photographs and my life in Singapore. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dazed and Confused

This is my first solo trip with my sis, just both of us. Just like the title of my post, my Hong Kong trip pass by daze and confuse (not the magazine)
Hong Kong is not really what I have in mind.
First I hurt my left toe because my stupid sneaker is not comfortable enough and now ended up having a blue black on my left toe *sob*
Second it's too hot there. I mean although it's the same as Malaysia but I have to walk a lot in HK it's super exhausting.
Lastly the aftermath of consuming dairy food there is terrible. I know I can't consume dairy but almost every good food there contain dairy I cannot not eat right? I DID NOT EXPECT my skin to be flooded with BUNCH of small pimples and I look super awful now :(


In conclusion, I don't really like Hong Kong, or maybe not really my cup of tea, I'm sorry.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Good Music

Slow songs feels lately. There is actually quite a number of good Korean musician in the industry that is so underrated , Korean is not just about Kpop.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Depressing is an understatement

June just barely started and it's just the 8th, I am so done.

First I knew something I shouldn't, from someone I don't even know and I am so disappointed and sad that I can't even describe how I feel, but that's okay I try to look pass it because it's just a small matter and try to focus on my coming Korea trip with my best friend, just let loose and have fun. But things just won't go smoothly as you wished and here come MERS, stop me from going, my air ticket and accommodation is all burned.

I am currently a jobless, penniless, and depressing cha bor, here writing my blog instead of sending my portfolio to more companies.

PS: I miss college life already.