Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Since I'm on holiday , I'm working as a photographer assistant .
I've been liking photography since the start of college , Or maybe I always thought I love it.
Although i just barely stared my job as a assistant for just few days , I've learn a lot .

After talks and advise from some experience people(my boss's friends), and hands on job, I have a different thought about photography, honestly it's not what I've expected , maybe I always thought it was easy like how anyone else would have thought of .
But no! it's not just a camera, a studio and a few lightnings will do the trick, everything is not just how it seems .

Behind a simple beautiful photo nobody knows how it was taken how the set was setup and every angle of the lights,how the photo editing goes, the perfection of on every each of the photographs, if you are not the photographer or the asssiatant her or himself you will not know how tedious it is.
It's not easy I have to say.

So I was staring to wonder again, was photography just a sudden interest or I do really have passion in it? I don't know . I really don't .

They told me not to be timid, there is nothing to be afraid of , if I ever fail try again, cause I'm still young , they say.
But somehow I think otherwise, now in this fast pace world everything need to be fast.

FAST, if you're slow, you're not going to make it .
EASY, nothing is easy my dad always told me, people have to work for what they want,
learn from experience. Nothing comes easy.
CREATE OPPORTUNITY . If opportunity doesn't come to you , go look for them , create them , be proactive.
BE PREPARE. Great chances raly come to us, maybe only once in a life time , be prepare it will come anytime, when it comes hit it hard!

The successful people nowadays are getting younger by the age , now I am writing this post at the age of 20 , I really want to be successful , be able to inspire people, but most imporatant to earn a living , isn't it why we study so hard , work so hard for?  Just to survive in this realistic and competitive world ?

Maybe just one day I will be a successful photographer, for commercial or maybe fashion, a graphic designer ,an illustrator or a stylist perhaps? Or maybe not. I don't know .

Anyway this post is just a reminder for myself ,to really think about what I want and to plan the future, a wake up call for myself.