Thursday, April 23, 2015


Yesterday was the last assessment of my 3 years diploma life in lasalle.
I feel happy, excited, sad and lost. (ok I know I feel a lot, but thats exactly how I feel now)
Happy that I am no longer a student and finally graduating and excited to go to the industry to try new stuff , meet new people and earn my own money! But at the same time sad that I no longer can meet my classmates/friends that often and lost because I am now really going to the real scary industry to work but I'm not ready. (this is crazy, I can't imagine)

Despite feeling this and that I am now trying to chill and sharpen my skills and do stuff that I enjoy doing.

Finally finished editing the video of my japan trip, I did it with blood and sweat because premium pro decide to betray me and crash so I had to use iMovie and the file is freaking huge I had to convert to upload this and that and just wasted the whole day for something that can actually finished in half a day, but anyways enjoy. I will edit my disneyland videos and images soon!