Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A wake up call

Recently I came across this quote by sky and it actually woke me up from my comfort zone .

"I don't think things over before I do it. I'm not like : maybe if I do this , it'll lead into this? 
its more like:I did this, maybe I shouldn't have done that..."

I'm always afraid , a scary cat or maybe worst a coward, and think too much into things . I think and think and think and it ends up nothing, doing nothing.
I'm always like : Oh if I did this maybe I will fail , or maybe people might not like it or so. Its the what ifs and the maybes that stopped me.
I know a little thinking or consideration before doing things is good, it prevent us to get into trouble , but sometimes too much of it that might stop people for doing great things, because maybe who knows it will end up great after trying.

And that day I randomly asked my dad about his business how he first started and things like that and asked him when he first started his business didn't he think of failure like what if this business fails?and  the money, effort will be gone . His answer is just short and sweet . Nope. 

That's when it really hits me, people who thinks about failure even before they start is a loser.Right, that's why I have to change this attitude of mine, cause I'm not a loser ! I don't want to end up one .

My boss always tell me that when you meet with problem don't just stop there or worst avoid it, just think of a way out , there's always way out .

I don't know why recently I'm always writing this kind of things (like a self note), maybe because I've turned 20 and turned mature? Or maybe I've read more, see more and know more and get inspire by things around me? I don't know, maybe.

Anyway life is short and I have to chase my dreams. I cannot let my attitude chain me down . I have to be brave and positive .

Don't be afraid to try, it isn't scary, nothing is more scary that death , so don't be afraid .Do what you want to do , cause we are young , I am young , take risk and stop the thinking and do it now!