Sunday, December 29, 2013


Although I am a Johorian , I have not been to town more than 3 times max, and now there is a lot of cafe there so I decided to go there for a " tour "  with my friend.

There we went to this first cafe coffee valley the location as really weird cause its like behind an alley , if isn't my friend who brought me there I think I'll totally get lost.

I really love there a lot , the atmosphere and the lighting there was great I think its gonna be my next favourite cafe in jb.

 red velvet cake

maple syrup waffles  

Well to me the cake was nice but not the waffles . Maybe I was expecting too  much but yeah it was just ok.

Then Marco Vintage was the next cafe,

  Macadamia nut milk and green tea latte 

Well that day was pretty tired and yet I enjoy it a lot since its with this little shit of mine, she always embarrassed me in the public without fail and I love her as much as I hate her !