Friday, September 27, 2013

Melbourne trip

Wasupp it's almost a month plus since my trip to Australia.So this post will be about my Australia trip. A trip to Melbourne during Hari Raya holiday, which was only 2 days but I pretty much extend it myself. First day was a walking around in the city and enjoying the cold weather there, then of course pay a visit to my cousin during tea, I don't know why but our family love to have tea together...yeh we had tea and of course our dinner together too.First day was pretty much like that.The following few days was some visiting around here and there of some famous tourist spot like The 12 Apostles, Brighton beach, crown casino ,Philip Island penguin parade...

All these are drawn using chalk it's a life drawing I wish I can just simply draw like that on the ground people in our country don't appreciate art that much, so sad :(
maybe one day if i'm jobless I can probably do that 

some graffiti in some back lane, which there is a lot there like it's so awesome , i was also lucky enough to spot people doing it live , I had a short video on Instagram.

This was actually a random picture.The weather, the colour of the sky the green grass everything is nice there. I pretty much enjoy the trip this time , because this is the first time my family went vacation without following tour. All I can say Melbourne is nice maybe will visit again.