Monday, December 3, 2012

hello december !

Finally holiday! A break from all those work and stress!!
Okay...although it is just a short break like one month, cause school re-opens in jan but better than nothing.
i haven't post for a long time,my last post was like 2 months ago... O.o
I think I will update more often now.

i love holiday, waking up at the time i want , eat and sleep whatever i want and i like ...
ok a little sounded like a pig, but i don't care because for the past four months i really suffer too much :(

This month is December! I love December the month of Christmas and the month I go travel .
Can't wait till sunday I'll be flying to Taiwan !  I want to shop! Shop! Shop!
but i haven't pack my luggage , i'm lazy  :(
i think there is only one lazy girl like me exist in this world... like seriously...pathetic

ok really have to pack my luggage tonight or tomorrow...